Korean War

If you are a Korean, you will remember the Korean War
only 70 years ago when you see the war caused
by Russia's unilateral invasion of Ukraine now.

My heart ached as I kept thinking about the Korean War today,
the fifth day of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

During the Korean War, refugees experienced poverty,
death, separated families, separation due to ideology,
separation, and forced separation.

But what is even more heartbreaking is that today,
70 years after the Korean War,
we have lost a lot of the concept of thinking of North Korea
as our compatriots.

Korea is becoming self-sufficient through economic growth
and living well with the world through imports and exports.

In South Korea, North Korea is a nuisance
that occasionally fires missiles and annoys them.

In South Korea ahead of the presidential election,
it is not an issue that anyone puts priority
on relations with North Korea.

The priority issue in Korea right now
is economic growth, and stabilizing home prices in Korea,
which have risen abnormally due to the corona virus,
is a bigger social issue.

I pray that Russia's invasion of Ukraine will stop soon.

When we can keep peace, we should work harder
and pray for that peace.

As time passes, the effort to keep that peace is forgotten.

Human beings forget and adapt, and are trapped
in another society they have created and live
without seeing the future.

Lord have mercy on us.