Koreans sensitive to trend changes

In Korea, you have to be really diligent to do business.

Koreans are very sensitive to trend changes, so companies have to constantly develop new products. Koreans are very sensitive to these trends, such as new cars,
new mobile phone models, and fashion keywords this season.

Have you ever taken the Seoul subway?
Have you ever looked closely at the fashion of ordinary Seoulites in the Seoul subway?

I am also a Korean,
but if you look closely at the fashion of the people 
in the Seoul subway, you can see that most of them wear a lot of neat and black clothes, and there are quite a lot of brand clothes and bags.

Their hairstyles are also neat and their shoes are clean. Of course, Seoul is the largest, fastest and most urban place in Korea, but the general appearance of Seoulites is neat.

Many Koreans even went to New York, England, Italy and France to study fashion before Corona. Koreans' love for fashion trends will probably continue.

You can tell by watching Korean dramas and movies.
There are many contents that express the daily life of Koreans,
such as various colors and designs. So, the Korean webtoon
and character industry is also growing very rapidly.