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MapleStory is changed the structure of the Korea Game market.

This is the first example of applying the concept of'publishing'. Nexon was really aware of the possibilities of MapleStory. It helped both sides of the water to ensure that the game was serviced stably.

In fact, small widgets did not have the ability to service games alone. The more the game became popular, the deeper it became. It was almost impossible for the server to go down without being able to handle the number of accessing users.

Nexon proposed a way to separate production and distribution, such as the music and film industry. Nexon is a company that has already provided bold works such as [The Country of the Wind] and [B&B]. Using the infrastructure, we proposed publishing [MapleStory]. Widget was devoted to development, and Nexon was responsible for marketing, promotion, and operation. The two companies joined forces, making the efficiency much higher.


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