South Korea 청하 (#CHUNG HA) - 'PLAY (Feat. 창모 (#CHANGMO))' M/V

Korean female singer '#Cheongha' is 160cm tall and weighs '44kg'.

However, her '#waackingdance' using hand gestures brings a lot of surprise.

It’s really difficult to succeed as a single female singer in Korea.

Cheongha's 'Already 12:00' and '#Snapping' captivated the popularity of Koreans with her amazing singing skills and excellent dance skills.

In the Korean music industry, where the group is strong, '#Cheongha' is called '#GODCheongha' and can be seen as a unique solo female singer.

In addition, 'Cheongha' is very good at English because she has lived in Texas for 7 years as a child. She is an attractive singer.