I was a little surprised to see Netflix's hottest Polish movie '365DNI' now. 

Although it is a European movie, it contains many oriental stories. The man who wants to obey him can be seen a lot in the past.

Although the male actor is Italian, he has also seen the culture of Middle Eastern.

In fact, there is a story in Korea where a man abducted a famous actress in the past, and the famous actress eventually married a man.

It seems immoral to link the abduction material to sexual fantasy. Nevertheless, the reason the movie is so popular all over the world is probably connected with the corona situation.

The situation in which the female character of '365DNI' was quarantined and held in a male protagonist's house is similar to the situation in which Covid 19 was unable to leave the house and was kept in quarantine.

The view of the Italian beach at '365DNI' is a great nostalgia for the experienced Americans and people around the world who have spent summer vacations in Italy and Europe each year.

It is natural to think of the American film '50 Shades of Gray' while watching this movie. However, the other part of American and European films is that it is the part of the film that emphasizes the music, family, and family that is used as the background of the film, and European culture.

The male protagonist has a great personal anguish leading the family. This is very much like an oriental culture. It reminds me of the Eastern culture that values ​​the glory of the family rather than the individual needs. However, the protagonists shown in American films seem to have more influence on personal stories and personal satisfaction than on the glory of the family.

'365DNI' is a movie full of things that made us forget our current situation for a while for those of us who are tired of mind and body with Covid 19. Of course, there is a big difference from our reality.