(1) 人蔘(ginseng)

① After sowing in August-September, 4-6 years old can be cut without spoiling the roots.

② Ingredients: About 5.22% of ginseng saponin (ginsenoside) is contained in the root. Ginseng saponin is a mixture of more than 13 saponins. There are three types of genin containing saponin: protopanaxatriol, protopanaxatriol, and oleanol acid. Roots contain about 0.05% of essential oil, and its roots (low boiling point) contain β-elemene, which is the source of ginseng's unique scent, and high boiling points (high boiling point), are extremely unstable liquids and are easy in the air. It contains panaxynol, which makes it hard to grow. The ginseng 酸 (acid) contained in the root is a mixture of palmitin 酸 (acid), stearin 酸 (acid), olein 酸 (acid), linol 酸 (acid), etc. It is produced by hydrolysis of 脂質 (lipid). The root also contains 0.1-0.2% cholin. This is the 降壓成分 (pressurized component) of ginseng. It also contains various kinds of amimo acids, peptides, vitamins, and glucose, fructose, maltose, and sucrose. Recently, an active ingredient called prostisol, a protein synthesis promoting factor, was also extracted. The factor has the effect of promoting the biosynthesis of ribo nucleic acids, proteins, and tributaries, and has an auxiliary effect in cancer treatment by enhancing the immune system of an organism.

③ Medicinal effect: 大補元氣 (Daebo Wongi), 固脫生津 (Gotal Saengjin), 安神 (Ansin) has the effect. Nohsang Heoson, 少食(news), 倦怠(borrow), anti-胃吐食(ban-wi-to-sik-惡食嘔吐(sick vomiting)), 大便滑泄(fecal bone theory), 虛咳喘促(Heohaecheonchok) (Jahan bombardment), 驚悸 (border), forgetfulness, 眩暈頭痛 (hyunun headache), yangwi, 頻尿 (frequent urination), 消渴 (sogal), 婦女崩漏 (woman bokru), small child Aman-gyeong It treats 久虛不復(guheobulbok), all of the 氣血不足症(gihyeol insufficiency).

(2) 人蔘蘆(ginsam-ro)-A root view of ginseng, which has the effect of 催吐(Choito) and 昇陽(Seungyang). Heo In-Dam Ong-suk-gye (Heo In-Dam Ong-Suk-gyeok-The weak constitution's 痰(dam) prevents the chest attack), 氣陷泄瀉(Giham diarrhea-Suyangseong 下痢(Hari) that comes from a lack of gi)

(3) 人蔘條(ginsamjo)-As a makroot from near-gyeongsang, it has the efficacy of 生津 (Saengjin), 止渴 (jigal), and 補氣 (bogi).

(4) 人蔘鬚 (ginseng water-fine side roots and beard roots), 人蔘葉 (ginseng leaves), 人蔘花 (ginsenghwa), 人蔘子 (ginsengja) are also medicated.
[Naver Encyclopedia of Knowledge] Ginseng (National Arboretum National Biological Species Knowledge Information: Plants)